Bittersweet Christmas greeting in Port Talbot. 19 December 2018

The piece was painted just a few miles from the Tata steel mill in Port Talbot, southern Wales. Looking at the painting from one angle, it depicts a child with a sledge, trying to catch the snowflakes with the tongue and hopeful to use the sledge if the snowfall continues. The piece was confirmed by Banksy’s Instagram on 19 December. According to several sources, it was painted some days before.

20181220 - SA - UK - Port Talbot - Seasons greetings - Banksyweb.png

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Local councillor Nigel Thomas Hunt said to The Guardian: “We’re buzzing down here. The placing of the work is very clever. You can look at the painting and see the furnaces in the background. We’re delighted. I’ve written to the council already and we need to secure this really quickly.”

The Guardian article continues: “This year, the World Health Organization said Port Talbot was the most polluted place in the UK. But in May, Neath Port Talbot council said the WHO got the figures wrong and had apologised.”

Dick pic in an ​unknown location. 22 November 2018

It’s a text-based stencil incorporating a free-hand dick. “Based on your browsing history the following graffiti has been recommended for you…”. The exact location is not confirmed. It’s a somewhat surprising artistical turn, but it’s not the first male genital in the Banksy catalogue.

Banksy at the World Travel Fair. London, 6 and 7 November 2018.

In Banksy’s own words, as announced 3 November on Instagram:

“Opening my first ever stall at a trade fair next week. I’ve painted a replica separation barrier to promote the Walled Off hotel, ironically the neighbours have complained it’s too tall. We’ll be at Palestine stand giving away free stuff, World Travel Fair, London Excel centre 6th and 7th November. Free to get in if you register online today and pretend to be a travel agent.”

A few days later, a new poster was announced. In Banksy’s own words:

“Free Palestine poster. Be advised we only have 1000 posters to hand out each day at the tourist fair. You can download one from the website at

The “we” pronoun in Banksy’s Instagram text was represented by Walled Off Hotel manager Wisam Salsaa handing out the posters personally.

New section on Banksy’s official web. September 2018

In a new section on his official web,, Banksy informs us of “a recent spate of Banksy exhibitions none of which are consensual.”

20180915 - Banksy web - shows

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The list of  “real” Banksy shows in the column to the left are, in reverse order:

Unique Banksy retrospective at Lazarides. 12 July 2018

Banksy’s former agent Steve Lazarides opened an interesting exhibition at his Mayfair gallery of some of Banksy’s most coveted oil paintings, labelled “Greatest Hits 2002 – 2008”. At the centre of the show are seven unique pieces from the 2005 “Crude Oil” exhibition. One can also find the original paintings of some of the most iconic prints, such as “Christ with shopping bags”, “Barcode Leopard”, and “Trolleys”. The exhibition runs until 25 August.

Photos: R.A.