Steve Lazarides launches “Banksy Captured”. December 2019

Banksy’s former agent and official photographer released his much-anticipated book in December 2019. “Banksy Captured” comes with plenty of previously unpublished photographs of Banksy and some amusing anecdotes from different street art adventures. It certainly is a must-read for any person interested in the early days of British street art. Banksy Captured Vol 1- Book by Steve Lazarides - RA

Steve Lazarides is interviewed in an upcoming documentary, “Banksy and the rise of outlaw art,” to be released in February 2020. The film features, among others, street art legend and “Pictures on Walls” printer Ben Eine. Click for the trailer here:

By the way, Banksy’s unaltered voice at the beginning of the trailer mentioned above is strikingly similar to the voice of the person presented as Banksy in an interview at the Turf War exhibition in July 2003. Reporter Haig Gordon did the interview for ITV, but the footage was reported to have been forgotten in the ITV archive for 16 years until it surfaced in 2019:

This line of thought in the “Who is Banksy?” mystery is supported by some photographs in Lazarides’ new book, especially one on page 154 depicting Banksy consistent with the alleged Banksy in the resuscitated ITV interview. Whether this person is “one of the Banksys” or “the Banksy” will never be known. The puzzle is part of the overall artistic expression, in which we all play a role.

The Fourth Book – “Wall and piece”. 2005.

The first edition of “Wall and Piece” was published in 2005. The book summarises the previous three “black books”, but it also has a lot of new material. Wall and Piece became a major bestseller and a “must-have” for an initiated Banksy follower.

The third book – “Cut it Out”. December, 2004.

Cut it Out was the last of the three little black books. It has some interesting street art, loads of rats, and a few lovely canvases. Among them is “Suicide bombers just need a hug” from the Turf War exhibition.

Banksy’s second book, “Existencilism”. May 2002.

Banksy’s second book sees the light in May 2002 and is heavier on rats than his first.

“Like most people I have a fantasy that all the little powerless losers will gang up together. That all the vermin will get some good equipment and then the underground will go overground and tear the city apart”