Street Art Abroad. 2008

Besides the twelve stencils in New Orleans, a handful more pieces were documented in the US in 2008. At least two in the Los Angeles area and a few rats on billboards in New York before the “Village Pet Store” exhibition in October 2008.

Street Art Blitz in New Orleans. August 2008

As reported by Natalie Hanman in the Guardian on 1 September 2008:

Street artist Banksy has taken his trade to the streets of New Orleans, as the city remembers those whose lives were destroyed by hurricane Katrina three years ago – and the country braves itself for another storm in hurricane Gustav, which hit the US Gulf coast this morning.

The graffiti artist’s latest creations of more than a dozen murals – which include depictions of a young boy flying a fridge like a kite and Abraham Lincoln as a homeless man – adorn buildings around the city, according to the New York Times.

A statement released by Banksy reveals that they were created in response to Fred Radtke aka the “Grey Ghost”, an anti-graffiti campaigner who uses grey paint to cover up street art. The statement also said: “Three years after Katrina I wanted to make a statement about the state of the cleanup operation.”



The Cans Festival. London, May 2008.

Banksy hosted an exhibition called The Cans Festival London over the weekend of 3–5 May 2008. It was situated on Leake Street, a road tunnel formerly used by Eurostar underneath London Waterloo station. Team Banksy invited approximately 40 street artists from around the world to participate in the exhibition.

Photos: Romany WG and others