Street art

There are many ways to categorise Banksy’s street art. The following is one way to look at it. We can observe that the street art pieces can be classified into two different “categories”:

  • Standalone pieces, i.e. one piece in one place at one time, and 
  • Series of street art pieces done at the same time in the same place. We can call these runs “street art blitzes”.

Geographically and chronologically, Banksy’s street art can be distributed roughly into three periods: 

  • 1994 – 2000: Hundreds of standalone pieces in the Bristol area
  • 2000 – 2004: Hundreds of standalone pieces in the London area, but also a few in Berlin, Paris, Vienna, Copenhagen, Tokyo and Naples.
  • 2005 and onwards: The major part of his work outside the UK, after 2005, has been done as a series of three or more pieces in one place in the same run – “street art blitzes”.

Street art blitzes: 

  • 2001: Chiapas Mexico
  • 2003: Barcelona, among them Barcode and the “Girl with gasmask.”
  • August 2005: Palestine – nine large murals. Consolidated Banksy as a political artist.
  • September 2006: Los Angeles,  several pieces to promote the upcoming “Barely Legal”.
  • December 2007: Palestine, several street art pieces, among them the “Armoured peace dove.”
  • August 2008: New Orleans – eleven pieces
  • September 2008: New York, several big pieces on billboards to promote the upcoming NY exhibition
  • January 2009: Mali, six pieces among them the Zebra 
  • January 2010: US and Canada – Grand street art tour  to promote the film “Exit Through the Gift Shop” – approximately 20 pieces in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sundance,  Salt Lake City, Toronto and New York
  • February 2011: Los Angeles – Street art blitz following the Oscars where “Exit Through the Gift Shop” was nominated. for Best Documentary. 
  • July 2012: Street art blitz in London with Olympic theme
  • October 2013: New York. Better Out Than In – major blitz with 29 pieces in New York during October
  • February 2015 Gaza: Blitz with six pieces inside Gaza strip.
  • December 2015: Calais, France. Blitz with five stencils
  • March 2018: New York. Blitz with five new pieces, among them the Zehra Dougan mural.
  • June 2018: Paris. Major blitz with at least eight confirmed pieces
  • July 2020: London. Covid-inspired blitz in the London Underground
  • August 2021: Great Yarmouth, UK. The Spraycation series of ten stencils 200 km northeast of London.
  • November 2022: Ukraine. Blitz with seven pieces around Kiev.

The bulk of his street work can be found on the axis Palestine – Greater London area – Bristol – New York and Los Angeles. The geographical outliers are the Ukraine and the Mali blitz. Banksy hasn’t done anything in South America, only one blitz in Africa, and none in Asia except Palestina and maybe one or two in Tokyo. In other words, the bulk of Banksy’s street art can be found on the same axis as his big exhibitions: Palestine – London – Bristol – New York – Los Angeles.