I started collecting prints and multiples by Banksy some years ago. Like many other collectors, I got obsessed, which leads to the only reason behind this blog; to spread some light on Banksy’s enormous production.

Why do we become obsessed with Banksy?

I think it has to do with the rich and multilayered narrative he has created, which is expressed in different themes and genres in almost all available techniques and formats – street art, oil, acrylic, installations, sculpture, taxidermy, art-shows, books, films etc.

It could also have to do with risk-taking: Banksy’s artistic and political risk-taking is unprecedented in the art world. The risk-taking together with the overall narrative and political content might be one answer to Banksy’s social impact.

Another way of looking at it: His art is perceived as both provocative and understandable by a broad public. There are plenty of reasons to believe that Banksy will be regarded as the Picasso of our times, at least.

(There might be some errors in this blog when it comes to dates and years, besides grammar and spelling. I’ll try to make corrections when I have time.)

Rikard Anderson, April 2016