This blog is the result of a database of Banksy’s artwork I put together a few years ago. The only purpose is to create a chronological context for Banksy’s enormous production. There is no commercial intention.  

Rikard Anderson (, April 2016


The primary source for the photos on this blog is Banksy’s website and Banksy’s four books. Elsewhere the photographer is indicated in the name of the “jpg”. The photos from Dismaland, Walled Off Hotel and some pictures of street art in London, Bristol and Palestine come from my iPhone.

Real Banksy or not?

There is some confusion regarding the authenticity of certain street art pieces and his “inside” work. Whether Banksy has painted a particular motive is usually established by the following sources:

Banksy himself:

  • Banksy’s four books:
    • Banging your head against a brick wall, 2001
    • Existencilism, 2002
    • Cut it Out, 2004
    • Wall and piece, 2005
  • Banksy’s website and Instagram account:
    • Bankssy’s website:  has been publishing his work continuously, both street art and the studio pieces, such as oils and sculptures, or “outside” and “inside”, as Banksy puts it. The publication of a motive on is regarded as proof of authenticity.
    • Banksy’s Instagram account: @banksy, or

External sources:

  • The big auction firms. Forum Auctions, Christies, Sotheby’s, Phillips and Bonhams are experts on Banksy’s studio artwork. If they claim that the piece is an authentic Banksy, there are no reasons not to believe them. The serious auction houses don’t deal with Banksy street art pieces; they only sell legitimate “indoor” art ā€“ prints, multiples and unique works, such as oil paintings and sculptures.


  • Home Sweet Home ā€“ Banksy’s Bristol. By Steve Wright & Richard Jones. An excellent compilation of Banksy’s early work in Bristol. Very well written by two real experts. A true gem of a book. Considered a reliable source of pictures and information.
  • Banksy ā€“ The Man behind the Wall. By Will Ellsworth-Jones. An excellent read, very well documented and well written.


How do you know that a Banksy print or original is an authentic Banksy?

The authenticity is certified by Banksy’s own office, Pest Control Office, Upon request, and after investigating the motive, the condition and the provenance of the piece, they issue a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). They do not issue COAs for street art pieces removed from buildings and streets.

False Banksy sources

As Banksy writes in the FAQ section on his official website,

“Banksy is NOT on Facebook or Twitter”. Nevertheless, several Twitter and Facebook accounts claim they “are” the real Banksy, gathering millions of followers.

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