The third book – “Cut it Out”. December, 2004.

Cut it Out was the last of the three little black books. It has some interesting street art, loads of rats, and a few lovely canvases. Among them is “Suicide bombers just need a hug” from the Turf War exhibition.

Prank at the Natural History Museum. London, April 2004.

On 7 April, Banksy entered Natural History Museum disguised as an employee. He carried a taxidermied rat in a glass-fronted box. The rat wears sunglasses and a complete graffiti kit. Apparently, the rat has sprayed “Our time will come” on the wall behind him. The installation comes with a printed explanation titled “Pest Control”. A few years later, Banky will set up his own certification office, the “Pest Control Office”.

2004:4 Natural History museum - Our time will come detalle.jpg
2004:4:07 - Natural history museum - Sign Pest control.jpeg

Street Art 2004. Focus on UK.

London was the main focus of street art activity in 2004. But, also two pieces in Brighton and two in Somerset. There were only two pieces outside the UK in 2004, one documented in Berlin and another in Chicago. One of Banksy’s most iconic pieces goes up in Southbank: “The girl with the red balloon”.

Photos: “Wall and piece”.