Street Art in UK. 2002 – 2003

Banksy focused on London in 2002 and 2003 but he also did a few pieces in Bristol and Brighton. The iconic work Pulp Fiction went up in 2002 on Old Street in Shoreditch, one of Banksy’s preferred areas in London. The Royal Guards in different areas in London are from the same period.

Existencilism, Los Angeles. July 2002

Banksy held his first Los Angeles exhibition, “Existencilism”, at the 33 1/3 Gallery. It opened on 19 July. Some of his most iconic works saw the light, such as “Love is in the air”, “Queen Victoria”, and “Laugh Now”. A few years later, he returned to LA with Barely Legal.

Banksy’s second book, “Existencilism”. May 2002.

Banksy’s second book sees the light in May 2002 and is heavier on rats than his first.

“Like most people I have a fantasy that all the little powerless losers will gang up together. That all the vermin will get some good equipment and then the underground will go overground and tear the city apart”

Early street art abroad. 2000-2003.

In the first years of the decade, besides UK & US, Banksy went to Barcelona, Berlin, Vienna, Tokyo, Paris and Israel, where he painted the first stencilled version of the iconic “Love is in the air”.