Banksy’s motives touch on many themes, typically mixing humour with politics or philosophy. The following is just a quick reflection on his most common subjects: 

  1. Religion: Toxic Mary, Silent Night, Forgive us our trespassing, Christ w Shoppingbags, Walled Off Hotel is located in Bethlehem, The Alternativity Play, The Cardinal sculpture, Flying Copper, etc. etc
  2. Anti-war and weapon industry: Applause, Precision Bombing, Golf Sale, Gold Flag
  3. Police brutality: I fought the Law, etc
  4. Anti-imperialism: The Walled Off museum, Gold Flag, Zehra Dougan
  5. Big Brother: CCTV
  6. Anti-materialism: Tesco, Very Little Helps, The Lifestyle you bought, etc
  7. The celebrity cult and tabloid press: The Cinderella Castle at Dismaland
  8. Art-establishment: Morons, The shredding at Sotheby’s.
  9. Love: GWB, Kissing Coppers
  10. Philosophy: GWB, Everything you do echoes in eternity etc
  11. Humour: Ballgames, Achoo, the Spraycation blitz
  12. Refugees. The Calais blitz in 2015, the Mediterranean Seaview, Refugee boat
  13. Ecology: Stop Esso, Dismaland
  14. HBQT: Kissing Coppers, Beanfield, Queen Vic
  15. Caricatures: Banksquiat, Kate Moss, Soup Can, the Crude Oil pieces

Maybe the religious theme is the most surprising for an artist with roots in graffiti. Let’s have a look at some of the artwork with explicit Christian references in them: 

One might add Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem, where Christianity was born.