Barely Legal – the first big US show. September 2006.

Barely Legal was the third major exhibition after Turf War and Crude Oils. It took place on the weekend of 16 September 2006 in a warehouse in Los Angeles and was billed as a “three-day vandalised warehouse extravaganza”. The exhibition featured a live “elephant in a room,” painted in a pink and gold floral wallpaper pattern. According to leaflets handed out at the show, “the elephant in the room” intended to draw attention to the issue of world poverty. Banksy continued exploring the “modified oils” genre from the previous “Crude Oils” exhibition.

Street Art USA. 2006

Banksy went to the US in the fall of 2006 to prepare Barely Legal, the enormous Los Angeles exhibition. There are at least three stencilled pieces in the Los Angeles area from this period.

Installation at Disneyland. September 2006.

Banksy entered Disneyland with an inflatable doll dressed as a Guantanamo detainee. He inflated the doll and placed it within the Thunder Mountain Railroad Ride. The doll remained there for 90 minutes before security guards removed the figure. The sequence was filmed and included in the film “Exit through the gift shop” a few years later.

2006 - SA - USA - Los Angeles - Guantanamo Bay -

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Street Art UK. 2006.

In June 2006, Banksy went back to Bristol to paint the iconic “Well Hung Man” on Frogmore Street. Other notable work includes the vandalised telephone booth and the “18 minutes”, the maid sweeping the dust under the carpet.