Shredding at Sotheby’s. 5 October 2018

From Sotheby’s web:

“In a moment that caught the art world by surprise, Banksy’s Girl with Balloon self-destructed just as the final hammer signaled the end of an evening of auctions in London. The work sold for £1,042,000 ($1.4 million), tying the artist’s record in pounds at auction previously achieved in 2008.

The framed work, spray paint and acrylic on canvas, mounted on board depicted a girl reaching out toward a bright red, heart shaped balloon – one of Banksy’s most iconic images – began to pass through a shredder hidden in the frame.” 

20181005 - Banksy Instagram - Shredding at Sotheby

Photo: Banksy’s Instagram

Installation at Disneyland. September 2006.

Banksy entered Disneyland with an inflatable doll dressed as a Guantanamo detainee. He inflates the doll and places it within the Thunder Mountain Railroad Ride. The piece remains in its place for 90 minutes before the figure is removed by security guards. The sequence was filmed and included in the film “Exit through the gift shop” a few years later.

2006 - SA - USA - Los Angeles - Guantanamo Bay -

Photo by

Pranks at four New York Museums. March 2005.

On a Sunday, March 13, Banksy enters and hangs his work in four world famous New York museums: MoMA, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum and American Museum of Natural History.

Photos: Wall and piece, Banksy

Prank at the Natural History Museum. London, April 2004.

On April 7, Banksy enters Natural History Museum disguised as an employee. He carries a taxidermied rat in a glass-fronted box. The rat wears sunglasses and a complete graffiti kit. Apparently, he has sprayed “Our time will come” on the wall behind him. The installation comes with a printed explanation titled “Pest Control”. A few years later, Banky will set up his own certification office naming it “Pest Control Office”.

2004:4 Natural History museum - Our time will come detalle.jpg

2004:4:07 - Natural history museum - Sign Pest control.jpeg

Prank at Tate Britain. London, October 2003.

On October 17, Banksy entered Tate Britain disguised as a pensioner and stuck one of his own creations in a vacant slot on one of the gallery’s walls. After a few hours the painting, “Crimewatch UK Has Ruined the Countryside For All of Us”, crashed to the floor and the stunt was discovered.

2003:10:17 - SA - UK - London - Tate - Police Line - Wall and piece p 169

“To actually go through the process of having a painting selected must be quite boring. It’s a lot more fun to go and put your own one up. It’s all about cutting out the middle man, or the curator in the case of the Tate.”

“I’m kinda into the message that vandalising a painting with police tape is how a lot of people see the world these days. People don’t actually see the world with Constable’s eyes with hay and rivers any more. The amount of paranoia and fear about violent crime and paedophilia makes mine a more accurate drawing of the English landscape we actually live in.”

A caption glued next to the painting read: “This new acquisition is a beautiful example of the neo post-idiotic style. Little is known about Banksy whose work is inspired by cannabis resin and daytime television.”