Banksy Prints. 2002 – 2010


Banksy started making prints in 2002. There are approximately 60 different motives, some of them version with different colours of the same underlying picture. The last regular print released by Pest Control Office was the Keith Haring-inspired “Choose Your Weapon” in 2010. Since then there have been two print releases, but in limited editions, “Love Hurts” and “Dumbo”. Prices on Banksy prints has been booming lately. The price depends as always on supply and demand. The supply is decided by the edition, i.e. how many prints were made of the motive, ranging from 20 up to 900 for some motives. The demand is decided by how iconic a certain motive has become. The price range for Banksy prints in 2017 goes from 5.000 GBP up to 120.000 GBP.