Street Art 2004. Focus on UK.

The street art activity during 2004 is mainly focused on London. Two pieces in Brighton, and two in Somerset. There are only two pieces outside the UK in 2004,  one piece documented in Berlin and another one in Chicago. One of Banksy’s most iconic pieces goes up in Southbank, “The girl with the red balloon”.

Photos: “Wall and piece”.

Street Art in UK. 2002 – 2003

Banksy’s focus is still in London with a few a pieces appearing in Bristol and in Brighton.     The iconic piece Pulp Fiction goes up in 2002 on Old Street in Shoreditch, one of Banksy’s preferred areas in London. The Royal Guards in different areas in London are from the same period.

Rivington Street. London, 31 May 2001.

The first Banksy “exhibition” in London took place on Rivington Street on 31 May 2001. Banksy produced twelve stencils. In Banksy’s own words: “We came out of a pub one night arguing about how easy it would be to hold an exhibition in London without asking anyone permission. As we walked through a tunnel in Shoreditch someone said – You’re wasting your time, why would you want to paint pictures in a dump like this?”

2001 - SA - Rivington street - UK - London - Shoreditch - Whitewash tunnel - BYHABW p41
Banksy’s twelve stencils at Rivington Street
Rivington Street, flyer
2001 -Overview - Rivington street - BYHABW p41
Rivington Street – Overview